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HozzászólásSzerző: Edina » 2005. júl. 3., vas. 21:17

sorry, actually I don't really speak Hungarian yet but I'm learning!
I'm half Hungarian and I have been a vegan for over 3 years now. I'd really like to meet Hungarian veggies my age (I'll be 21 in 2 weeks).
Actually I will spend 7 weeks in Budapest this summer and I just can't wait to explore the city!

if you want to get to know me or even help me learn Hungarian ( well, I will stay with my father's cousin so I will definitely learn some more of the language) I would be really happy if you just sent me a message to edina.telekes@gmx.de

looking forward to hearing from you! *edina*
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HozzászólásSzerző: Norci » 2005. júl. 6., szer. 11:36

Dear Edina,

please check your e-mails, I wrote a letter yesterday.

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HozzászólásSzerző: flower » 2005. júl. 8., pén. 18:57

Hi Edina! Welcome to our forum! :D I wrote you a short email now. Please read it!
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HozzászólásSzerző: Edina » 2009. feb. 14., szomb. 21:36

it's me again! I wrote this message below quite some time ago and now I'm back.
in august/september I will go to Pécs to spend one semester there. because of that I would really like to know whether there are vegans or vegetarians in Pécs and surroundings, also about vegan shops/bioboltok and restaurants, if there are any.

I am also sorry for not having stayed in contact with those nice girls who wrote me earlier. but now I would really love to write to you!

please also write to me if you live somewhere else in Hungary, I wanna get to know veggie people all over the country.

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HozzászólásSzerző: giyandeva » 2009. feb. 16., hétf. 20:53

Hello Edina,

I am from Székesfehérvár. Its a very nice baroque city in West-Danubia, and I also suggest to see Veszprém city too! :) Which is the city of queens. :)

Anyway, If you have any questions from vegan diet, hungarian language, interesting visiting nice places, or anything else, do not hasitate asking me or others!

I am wishing to you spending joyfull summer time in Hungary.

Kind Regards, Gábor
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